18 Shake Review (UPDATED 2017): Does it Really Work?


18 Shake is a weight loss meal replacement shake that was rated as the Best Diet Shake of 2017.

It’s made with only natural ingredients, high protein, and quality fiber for appetite suppression.

It’s also suggested to help with increasing energy and producing fast weight loss, all with zero artificial additives, colors, or preservatives. There’s both chocolate and vanilla available, and the company offers a 30-day full money back guarantee. Though it sounds impressive, is this shake really the solution to weight loss? What have customers experienced as far as results and taste? You’ll see in this review why this meal replacement shake surprised our review team. You can find more information on their official website 18shake.com





The great benefit of whey protein has been shown in many studies. It’s not only a quality source of amino acids, but it’s easy to digest and has some health benefits for building a stronger immune system.

The stevia in 18Shake also provides just 1 gram of sugar per serving.  This is important for not just regulating blood sugar, but for preventing any issues with weight gain. High sugar is often added to some shakes to give it a good taste, but this has no benefit other than flavoring.  Stevia is around 150 times sweeter than regular sugar; it can provide a sweet taste without the negative impact of other sweeteners.

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There’s also digestive resistant maltodextrin that has been shown to be good for gut bacteria. It also is less likely to produce gas or bloating than any other common fiber sources.  This is an important fiber that can help promote healthy digestion and appetite suppression.

The high quality protein, fiber, sweetener, and blend of vitamins and minerals make this shake stands out from other meal replacements. You can order 18shake with 40% discount here.



 Here are the ingredients to their chocolate shake:

Whey Protein ConcentrateWhey Protein IsolateDigestive Resistant MaltodextrinNatural CocoaVitamin A PalminateAscorbic AcidCholecalciferolVitamin E AcetateVitamin KThiamine MononitrateRiboflavinNiacinamidePyridoxine HCIFolic AcidCyanocobalaminBiotinPanthotenic AcidPotassium IodideZinc CitrateSelenium ChelateCopper ChelateChromium Nicontinate ChelateXanthan GumNatural FlavoringStevia Extract

Duo Protein Complex (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate: Both forms of protein are extracted from the cheese making process. Whey is an easy to digest protein containing all the essential amino acids. These kinds of amino acids must be supplemented with foods, and when using meal replacements it’s important to make sure you get a well-rounded amount.

These amino acids are necessary for regulating many body processes, and it’s beneficial when you’re looking to replace a full meal.

Examine.com adds:

“Whey may be healthier than other forms of protein”

“Whey is absorbed faster than other forms of protein… it also increased muscle protein synthesis”

So this can help you when you’re exercising to keep lean muscle growth stable. When

losing weight it’s possible to not just lose fat, but also muscle. When dieting whey can help avoid this potential problem.

Another benefit to whey is due to the high amounts of the amino acid L-cysteine. The same analysis by Examine states how it:

“can alleviate deficiencies that occur during aging and diabetes, as well as other conditions”

Whey is the most amino acid rich source out of all proteins, surpassing plant protein and soy in terms of all around nutrition. You can find more information about 18shake here.

Also, unlike these other proteins, it’s not known to cause estrogenic or digestibility problems.

Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin: A flavorless soluble fiber that is stable and helps the body digest foods better.  Live Srong.com mentions that this is:

“fermented by good bacteria”

“produces energy and keeps the acid-base balance in the best range for the intestine to work properly”

Unlike other forms of soluble fiber, this is slowly digested and can help against gas and bloating.

Due to its effects on feeding good gut bacteria, this can be beneficial for creating a stronger immune system. Gut bacteria is also linked to mood, so it can potentially improve a sense of well-being.

Soluble fiber in this form is known to help benefit digestion, prevent possible diseases, and improve overall health. It’s necessary to have some of this fiber to also help with suppressing appetite.

Natural Cocoa: The dry and fermented extract of the cacao bean. It’s a very nutritious and nutrient dense ingredient that’s often added in small amounts to chocolate bars.

Live Strong.com also mentions many of its positives:

“may lower LDL cholesterol, reduce the risk of blood clots, increase blood 

flow to the arteries, lower blood pressure, and boost cognitive performance”

It also has minerals like calcium and potassium that contribute to the positive health effects.

Stevia Extract: Made from the stevia plant, this sweetener is used to substitute sugar. Due to it providing no calories, it’s good for dieting. It has virtually no effect on blood sugar levels, so it’s a much more effective sweetener than artificial sugars, sucrose, fructose, or others.

This can also help with preventing weight loss, as high sugar has been directly linked to weight gain and metabolism disorders. Sugar also has no positive dietary need, and the body does not need it to survive.

There are other benefits to stevia as Examine.com mentions:

“appears to be associated with general anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects”

“have been linked to protection of the kidneys, pancreas, liver, and brain”

So it’s not only good at providing a pleasant taste, but it’s safe to use and it

can have some health benefits.

Sweeteners are found in all meal replacement shakes in order to give them a flavor, and 18Shakehas picked the best sweetener available.


One package of 18Shake sells for $59.99
, and they also offer deep discounts for multiple purchases.

Both the macro and micronutrients found in this shake have been shown in studies to be great for overall health and weight loss.

It also combines a healthy amount of protein at 15 grams, sugar at just 1 gram, only 90 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 18 vitamins and minerals. It makes sense why this brand is called a luxury shake; the ingredients in it are all quality and all natural.

The combination of extremely low calories with protein and fiber ensures weight loss, as an average meal can have anywhere between 200 to 800 calories or more.

One full serving of 18Shake has a well-rounded nutritional profile to prevent hunger, build lean muscle, and help provide real weight loss benefits.

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